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Fre 08 Mars 2013 12:38:06
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// Kaylynn, Hemsida

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Fre 08 Mars 2013 06:30:02
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Tor 07 Mars 2013 23:32:22
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Tor 07 Mars 2013 11:43:58
Stolen? c4r det me5he4nda ett tandle4karbesf6k som ste5r pe5 schemat idag? Vet du att det var en tandle4kare som uppnfan den ELEKTRISKA STLEN. Passande eller?Hoppas att det gick bra.
// David, Hemsida


Tor 07 Mars 2013 08:49:15
Dear teacher frnedis, - Mr. Vishnu got a very bad reply from Geetha Sudhi. - Sampoorna is an online facility. It must be properly accessed from any platform. Instead of providing facilities for entering malayalam, they have suggested us to use transliteration! They could have included a virtual malayalam key board in the home page. In my school, in the print out we got, there were a lot of errors. We came into the conclusion that they had generated the list before corrections, as we could see corrected data online and erroneous one in the print out. I have handled sampoorna in both the platforms.AND AT LAST, WINDOWS IS NOT AT ALL A BAD PLATFORM. THERE OTHER PLATFORMS ALSO OTHER THAN WINDOWS. HOW MANY OF US HAVE TRIED IT.... DEAR TEACHERS I STARTED USING LINUX SOME TEN YEARS BACK. STILL USING BOTH WINDOWS AND LINUX.... MANY VERSIONS OF LINUX..... EVERY THING GOT MERITS AND DEMERITS.........
// Achul, Hemsida

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